Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Due to our great experience we have gained over the years with salesmen, legal departments and construction companies, we are able to offer you a broad, free of charge consultation service, suited exactly to your personal needs and wishes. Call us or stop by our office in Vizinanda – we will be happy to advise you!

We can arrange an appointment for a site visitation anytime. We will show you real estate property that is of interest to you and will give you background information about the region, reconstruction possibilities and will naturally answer any questions you might have.

Carrying out the purchase

Important for the buyer is a partner that will lead you through the process of Istrian’s bureaucracy – for this you can absolutely count on us. We will organize an experienced, trustworthy lawyer for preparing the contract and will send all the necessary paper work to the various authorities, so that you will have no extra work.
It is legal to purchase real estate property but there are a few important procedures you have to go through.

Newly built houses

With the help of our good connections in Croatia and our constant presence there, we were able to find, in cooperation with an architect, a solid and affordable construction company, which we work with closely. Therefore we can offer you the restoration of stone houses, newly built houses, investment objects etc. so you will not have to look for a company and constantly have to worry about it. In order for you to be able to calculate your investments, please have a look at the following prices that vary depending on accountrement and the usage of materials.


Often, stone cottages need renovation or restoration. When you first visit a stone house you might be discouraged. But don’t worry, most of the time it costs a lot less than you might expect because Istrian labour is much less expensive than in Germany and it usually isn’t as much work as it at first might seem!

Through many years of experience in the construction business, we were able to find architects, construction companies and craftsmen that have specialized in the field of renovating stone houses. Through close cooperation with these, and with you, we can promise to renovate, reconstruct or build your new holiday destination customized to your wishes. We will stand by you all the way!

Starting your own company

makes sense:
– if you would like to be active commercially
– if you would like to purchase agricultural land

We work together with specialists who will handle all the formalities for you..
real estate capital 2,700.– EUR
that can be disposed of after the registration of the company
complete real estate costs approx.800.–EUR to 1,200.– EUR